Biznet's Domestic and International networks are running IPv6 dual stack and natively. We are connecting to many peers and upstreams directly over IPv6. This means that we're to have full IPv6 connectivity, and we're now making IPv6 available to our customers.

What is it?

IPv6 is the next generation Internet Protocol, primarily with longer IP addresses (128 bit vs 32 bit for IPv4) to overcome the pending shortage (perhaps as soon as 2011) of IPv4 addresses.

It's likely that IPv6 will give us enough addresses for quite some time (about 340 x 1036)

More Details

What we do?

Biznet now run 'dual stack' (ie IPv4 and IPv6 together) over our core network, with global IPv6 peering and transit in the Australia, Asia, North America and Europe, and local Indonesia IPv6 peering.

IPv6 is available for all of our Internet services.

Important Information


While the IPv6 protocol is not new, its global deployment is still at a relatively early stage.
It is important to appreciate that the use of the Biznet IPv6 Tunnel Broker effectively bypasses any firewall/security features in your existing IPv4 router/firewall, by connecting your end system directly to the IPv6 Internet. IPv6 client system firewall software and security features are in relatively early stages of development for some end systems.

*If you are not comfortable using IPv6 at this time, on this basis, please do not proceed.


There is no extra charge for using IPv6 access with Biznet.