Biznet Submarine Cable Network is an undersea Fiber Optic cable that connects networks between islands in Indonesia. In line with Biznet’s commitment to connect Indonesia, Biznet Submarine Cable Networks is part of the Biznet Fiber networks, which is a within-city distribution and backbone network, supported by reliable and latest technology.

Biznet Nusantara Cable System (BNCS) 1

This network is an undersea fiber optic cable network that connects Java, Sumatra and Bangka Islands and supports Biznet Fiber connections in those islands.

BNCS 1 Network consists of 24 pair (48 cores) Fiber Optic using the latest Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) equipment. Every 1 pair (2 cores) of Fiber Optic cable can transmit data with capacity of 96 x 100 Gbps = 9.6 Tbps. With total 24 pairs capacity, BNCS 1 network has total capacity of 24 x 9.6 Tbps = 230.4 Tbps. With this BNCS 1 network, we hope it can support the Internet requirement in Java, Bali, Sumatra and Bangka islands.

As part of the Biznet Fiber network, Biznet Submarine Cable Network will provide inter-island connectivity which also provides a high-speed Internet network that can support the digital needs of people in Indonesia. The development of Biznet Submarine Cable Networks is also accompanied by the process of expanding Biznet's network to more areas in Indonesia, with the hope that it can be a solution in connecting the Biznet Fiber network between islands, so that more people in Indonesia can connect to the fastest Internet service from Biznet.

Network Features

Wide Coverage Area

Biznet Submarine Cable Network uses the latest DWDM device with 48 cores of fiber optic cable that can provide bandwidth capacity up to Terabyte per second.

Direct Connection

Biznet Submarine Cable Network connects the Biznet Fiber network between islands to distribute high-speed connections that can support the digital needs of people in Indonesia.


Biznet Submarine Cable Network has protection and high reliability SLA of 99.8%.

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