The Face of Architecture in Indonesia from Time to Time

What comes up in your mind when you hear the word Architecture? Some of us might connect the word to buildings with unique designs that we often see in many places. The word Architecture originally came from the word "Arhke" (Greek) that means "Original" and "Tekton" that means "strong" so in general, Architecture can be defined as an original way to build something strong. As part of art, Architecture is the art and knowledge that includes designing the whole environment starting from macro level such as city landscaping, architecture landscaping, up to micro level such as product designing.

In Indonesia, the face of Architecture has a long character and story, so no wonder why many people are interested to learn more about Architecture, both modern and traditional. One of the most interesting parts about the journey of Architecture in Indonesia is the design of Indonesia's traditional houses, called Vernacular Architecture. This type of architecture can be seen in the shape of Gadang House from Padang, Joglo House from Java, and Honai House from Papua. The face of Architecture in Indonesia continues to evolve when the influence from Hindu-Buddha entered Indonesia that can be seen from buildings like temple, and it continues until the colonialism or the Netherlands entered the country.

Along with time, the face Architecture in Indonesia continues to grow and many architects are coming to change the face of Architecture by giving a modern touch into the design. As a company that was established in 2000 Biznet has also adapted many designs of modern Architecture to keep up with the trend today. Biznet is also collaborating with one of the most well known Architects in Indonesia, Mr. Andra Matin, in creating designs of buildings and layouts. One of the buildings that was designed by Andra Matin, as part of his collaboration with Biznet, is Biznet Technovillage, which is an integrated business facility owned by Biznet located 35 KM South of Jakarta. The concept of Biznet Technovillage is a green building, environmentally friendly with modern and clean design.

Andra Matin is an Indonesian Architect that has produced many designs with modern and clean touch, highlighting contemporary side and culture of Indonesia. In creating his designs, Andra Matin is always relying on his compassion to save the planet, which he showed through his designs that mostly environmentally friendly with green-building concept.

Aside from Biznet Technovillage, other designs that he has created also include Cikal School in Cilandak, South Jakarta, Potato Head, a famous club restaurant in Bali, the interior of Fatahillah Museum Jakarta, and other buildings that include modern housing complex, office buildings, and cultural centers.